We provide leading health and safety management, education and software solutions that companies need to better protect the people who work for them every day and manage operational risk.



UL EHS Sustainability empowers organizations to protect the well-being of workers, reduce risk, improve productivity, enhance compliance, and drive measurable business improvement through its EHS, occupational health, environmental, supply chain, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility platforms. More than 2,000 organizations in over 20 major industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and construction & energy, trust UL’s tools to meet their expanding needs.

Originally known as PureSafety and more recently as UL Workplace Health & Safety, UL EHS Sustainability has been delivering safety training options and employee health management solutions since 1999. In 2016, the company acquired cr360, a market leader in environment, health and safety management, and sustainability software. cr360 provides companies with a 360-degree view of EHS, Compliance, Energy and Carbon, Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain information. Its integrated software solution empowers companies to accurately capture, manage, and report the sustainability and EHS information needed to drive performance across all business areas.

Our entire history is founded on a commitment to do more, every day, to empower and unite professionals enterprise-wide to improve workforce health and safety, supply chain management, energy and carbon usage, sustainability and reporting, and overall business performance. Our solutions include safety incident management systems, occupational health management systems, On-Demand online training, energy and carbon management, supply chain management, corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting, clinical practice management, case and claims management, training development, delivery, and tracking, injury/illness prevention and management, and EHS Advisory Service expertise.


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