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UL offers a complete portfolio of services for the dietary supplement industry, including quality assurance solutions, regulatory compliance testing, and global market access programs, to meet consumer and regulatory demands for high-quality products.

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UL’s Consumer and Retail Service team has led the field in developing industry standards and test methods, to help clients in the advancement of effective quality assurance programs for their dietary supplement products.

Our quality assurance solutions include testing the purity and potency of raw ingredients and finished products, independent accredited GMP audits, and quality inspections to help achieve current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliance. This includes:

  • 製品仕様開発
  • Independent accredited GMP assessments
  • 標準業務手順の開発および実施
  • 微生物学的品質評価
  • 使用期限に関する安定性試験
  • 官能評価および消費者パネル
  • 規制コンプライアンスを検証するための純度/効能および汚染物質に関する栄養補助食品の試験
  • 規制ラベル審査
  • 規制に関する相談

UL uses recognized test methods to help products meet global standards, including U.S., Japanese and European pharmacopeia.


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